Saturday, 4 April 2015

On the work bench more French for Grandeur

So far I have painted up 3 bases of French line infantry each base represents a brigade 12 figures on a 15cm by 8cm base. The army lists for Grandeur are designed for the full scale version of Impetus  (as of yet no Basic Impetus version or list figures crossed) were you can field a full army of between 2 and 6 corps each between 2 and 4 Divisions, with each Division represented by 1 to 3 bases. Potentially the army could be made up of each corps having between 8 to 12 bases with up to 2 Cavalry bases representing the corps cavalry arm, with 1 or 2 artillery bases for the corps artillery.
Know I'm sure this would look spectacular on the table, but I don't have the room or the funds for this project.
So I have played around with the army lists a bit so they fit better into the Basic Impetus format, of between 8 to 12 bases per army.

1 Infantry Corps of
2-4 infantry Divisions each of  M  VDU I  D VD
1-2 line infantry  (FP)                  5    4/5 1  B2  SK A
OR conscripts line (FP)              5    4/5 1  C1  SK B
OR veteran line (FP) *                 5    5/6 1  B2  SK A

Corps Cavalry Division  of        M  VDU   I  D VD
0-2 dragoons  (CM)                    10   4/5  1 B2
OR Chasseurs (CL)                     12   3/4  1 B2
OR hussar (CL)**                        12  3/4   1 B2
OR lancers  (CL)***                     12  3/4  1 B2

Corps Artillery of                       M VDU   I  D VD
1-2 heavy batteries F art****    6   2       0 B1 artA
Or medium batteries F art        6   2       0 B1 artB

* maximum of 2 divisions
** veterans
*** veterans only one base can be fielded
**** only one base can be fielded
This gives a maximum of 12 bases all up still a large number but more manageable.
BRITISH Peninsular Campaign
In the army lists the notes state  (and rightly so )
before the Waterloo campaign the army did not use the corps army structure, they tended to format divisions of infantry and had separate cavalry Brigades, some times divisions. The artillery was generally spread around the army or deployed were it was required on the battle field. So the army list looks like this.

British and Allies
1-3 Infantry Division each of       M  VDU  I  D VD
1-2 foot line British/ KGL  (FP)    5   5/6  1 B2 SK A
OR light rifles (FP) *                      5   6/5  1 B3 SK A
OR Highlands  (FP)**                    5   6/7  2 B3 SK B
OR Portuguese line (FP)***         5  4/5   1 B2
OR Portuguese line (FP)****       5   5/6  1 B3 SK
OR other allies line (FP)*****      5   4/5   1 B2

0-1 Cavalry division of                 M VDU  I  D VD
1-2 heavy dragoons  (CP)******  8   5/6  2  B3
OR light dragoons  (CL)               12 3/4  1  B2
OR hussars  (CL)                          12 3/4  1  B2

Artillery attached of                     M VDU  I  D VD
0-1 medium batteries  F art        6   2      0 B1 artB
Or horse batteries  H art             10 2      0 B1 artB

* only one division can be fielded
** only one division can be fielded
*** represents early Portuguese line infantry 1808 to 1810.  must field one division
**** represents late Portuguese line infantry.  must field one division
***** represents all other allies. must attach a base to any division in the early campaign 1808 to 1810 if fielding all 3 divisions

This gives an army of a maximum of 9 bases smaller than the French, but generally historically correct. As the British found themselves out numbered.
The above is just a trial version of the army lists my own in ideas not official. I have left out the legendary Old Guard and the British Guards as I want to look a bit closer at these. I might not use them or limit there use. Feel free to change any of the above comment's and ideas always welcome.
Only 9 more bases for the French, I think I might have a go at some cavalry next.
hope you enjoyed
Till next time