Saturday, 30 May 2015

Heroes and villians

I found some old Lord of the rings figure in the bits box, I thought I would try a few painting techniques. First up the Heroes, Frodo is a basic acrylic  painting technique, with high - lighting details with eyes. Aragorn is a oil paint version of the acrylic  technique, this time with no eye's.

Now for the villians, the Orcs of Sarumam are again acrylic  painted technique with different types of basing sand and painted with high - light same again with added static grass and just sand.

Sarumam him self is painted using water colours a new one for me the undercoat is first acrylic then a white mat paint so the water colours stay put then a varnish is applied. Make sure you use a spray varnish don't brush it on as you will wash the paint off (just as I did)
Well that was a good exercise as well as fun way to spent a day, any excuse to hide in the den.
Till next time.