Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The rules with no name

I thought i would post some pictures of a battle we played at the weekend, at mine.  The rules are still in the play testing stage so we tried them out with a small action. French v British 1813 ish some were in southern France. We kept it to just an infantry battle to test the main game mechanisms. The game was played in about 2 hours.   The French force was made up of 6 battalions of infantry and 2 coy's of skirmishers.  The British had 4 battalions a coy of light infantry 4 bases and a coy of 95th rifles again 4 bases.

A view of the main French advance 4 battalions head for the ridge line with a skirmish screen in the field ahead, 2 battalions and more skirmishers head for the village. The British can be seen in the background.

The skirmishers trade shots on the right

A close up of the skirmish line in the field French light v British light. The smoke in the background is were the 95th are engaging the other French advance.

A view of the main French advance from the French side of the field.

The main road into the village, on the French left. Here the French lights and the 95th slog it out.

With the skirmishers moving to the flanks The 2 lead battalions advance into a hail of lead.

On the left the 95th fall back as the French advance on the village.

The skirmishers fight it out on the wooded right flank.

Despite the casualties mounting the French continue there advance on the right.

The French are know taking fire to there front and flank.

The divisional commander tries to steady the faltering French right.

On the French left there advance is given a hot reception.

on the right the French try to form some sort of firing line, but casualties and morale are both starting to take effect.

The only option is to withdraw under such pressure.

The French start to withdraw in good order, the British are happy to let them. Despite it looking like a easy victory the British have taken heavy casualties 2 battalions are down to 60% and both skirmish coy's are down to 50% and 65% .

A fun game, a bit more work needs to be done on some points but all in all things went well for a first try. It also gave me a chance to show off my new terrain.
Till next time