Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Peninsular project part 6.2 The battle of Evora continues

Welcome back part 2 of the battle Firstly thanks to all that took the time to follow the first part of the battle. The second part continues with the French more infantry arriving at the end of game turn 5. General Lision orders a full advance at the start of turn 6 he also receives another unit of dragoons to boast his force.

The battle at the end of turn 5 

Turn 6 and we see the allied artillery continue to fire at the French but both fail to hit their targets. The Lisbon police are caught by the dragoons and the survivors flee, unfortunately the irregulars fail their charge command and stay hidden in the woods. The Hanoverian line infantry hold their ground and fire at the hussars, but this doesn't stop them and they charge the Hanoverian's.

General Lision watches the road as the 5th dragoons advance towards him, he orders them to take the right flank and advance.

The dragoons move out
The Hanoverian line stand their ground, and fire at the hussars but they fail to stop them.

The Portuguese cavalry fail their morale, and run.

The irregulars card is drawn and they check their command to charge and fail the dice roll, and stay hidden in the woods.

The Spanish artillery start to withdraw from the ridge, and move towards the second defensive position.

The Lisbon police fail their rally test and flee.

Turn 7 starts with more French arriving on the battle field, two battalions of the 86th line and the 5th dragoons. 
General Lision directs the new arrivals.

The irregulars surge out of the woods and attack the dragoons, to late to save the Lisbon police who were caught by the dragoons the the few remaining police flee the field. 

The Spanish artillery starts to withdraw from the ridge

The 4th dragoons withdraw from the irregulars, and what is left of the Lisbon police also withdraw.

General view of the battle at the end of turn 8. The French have a hold on the Spanish ridge and the Spanish are withdrawing to the second defensive position.

The Portuguese line are withdrawing towards the walled gardens.

The Spanish hussars force the Hanoverian line back 

General view of the battle at the end of turn 9. The French army is advancing with the combined grenadiers leading the assault on the road.

The Portuguese line infantry are withdrawing to the walled gardens 

The Spanish line fall back before the 58th line infantry

The French are in position for the final assault

Its all confusion as the allied try to withdraw in some kind of order

General Leite gains control of the Portuguese just in time and garrisons the road and the walled gardens, and awaits the French.

Unfortunately the Spanish infantry fail there hold command and continue to withdraw.

The battle field at turn 10

Finally the French artillery has arrived, someone is in big trouble. 

The Spanish infantry are still withdrawing and the hussars are following them off the table. The militia are moving over to cover the gap.

The leading French infantry are pounded by the allies artillery but still the advance.

General view at the end of turn  

The militia and the 58th rush for the wall.

The Portuguese line brace themselves in the walled gardens.

The grenadiers charge the walled gardens, the Portuguese put up a good fight.

The militia are smashed by the 58th line and are forced from the wall line.

General view at the end of turn 13 the allies are just about holding on.

Turn 14 and the grenadiers are in the wall garden the Portuguese line are in fall retreat.

The allies right has crumbled.

The allies left has also fallen and the battle is over.

General view of the end of the battle, what is left of the allies run for the city, the French have won, but it wasn't a walkover. 

Well that was a battle, the French moved forwards all the time and had some early success driving the allies from the ridge and the road. The irregulars made an appearance and drove off the outnumbered dragoons, but to late to help their cavalry. the French then moved onto the attack again and drove the allies from the second position, but only after a stiff fight for the walled garden. The 58th line infantry lead the assault like they did in history and took the ridge and also captured the walled area on the allies left. A really enjoyable game thanks to all who followed and commented on the first part hopefully the second part was also enjoyable to read to. 

That's it for the the campaign so far in part 7 the British finally make it to the campaign, till then my friends.