Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Space 1799 update

Progress so far on the Mars adventure.
I have finished the dragoon conversion and painted up the dragoons, have gone for the traditional dragoon green uniforms, the Flintloque miniatures have a lot of equipment which looks great when painted. Hopefully will get to work on the coldones.
All so i managed to paint the privateers. Again lots of detail on the miniatures. Great to paint. See pictures for details
The dragoons painted just got to work on the mounts and the bases

The privateers just the bases to work on then there  ready for the expedition.

With the words of Napoleon still ringing in their ears of adventures to come and glory to the Republic, the members of the  expedition stepped through the portal and vanished. On the other side they found themselves upon a vast plain, with mountains on three sides far away in the distance. There was no sign of the portal they had just past through.
I believe we shall advance, announced the colonel North would be best one of the privateers gestured. Then north it is and with that the expedition moved out.
Till next time