Saturday, 13 June 2015

space 1799

Having found a group of old Flintloque figures in the bits box I wanted to do something with them, a moment of inspection came when a friend mentioned a set of rules about napoleonic battles on Mars. Know there's an idea, a sort of Napoleon meets stargate. So the start of something a little different. What I had, I could put together a 15 man strong infantry unit plus a 4 man adventures unit made up of privateers. Plus a four man bodyguard unit plus I found 3 lizards big enough for months so I added 3 dragoons to the force. Plus a command figure and there you had it my Mar's expedition force 1799. It's time to go bug hunting.
The starting point
One of the dragoon conversation in it's early stage  and the command figure completed
Close up of one of the dragoons conversation

Well that is so far, will start to complete the dragoons first hopefully some updates on the project soon
Till next time