Thursday, 26 May 2016

Modular Peninsular towns and villages

Having finished my 4 part modular buildings for my Peninsular project i thought it would be fun to try them out, and show them off. The idea is to be able to use them to represent either small villages right up to a town using from 1 to 3 bases in different combinations. Each base is 1 foot by 1 foot, a single base would be a small village, a large village would be 2 bases. A town would be made up of 3 bases.

 The 4 finished bases from top left a walled garden, large villa, Church and a large building and small building combination.

With these bases i can make several combinations like the ones below.

a 2 base combo for a village

Another 2 base combo village

A 3 base combo town

Another 3 base town.

A single base would represent a small village.

another single base small village

As you can see there are many combinations that will work with these simple base, mine are for the Peninsular, but simply swap the building for say thatched cottages and barns and you are transported to England. The construction is the same easy build see below.

3mm MDF base, 5mm foam board construction for the walls and roof. Roof tiles are made of corrugated card from an art shop. windows and doors and 1mm card painted black and details painted on, and frames made of card for effect.  

The bases under construction showing the general construction and detail of the Portuguese type buildings.

A simple layout for a skirmish game two rifle companies can be seen on the road. The  2 bases at the top of the table would represent a village. The French have deployed their secret weapon in the woods.

A more detailed set up for a brigade sized game, again 2 bases on the hill represent a village with a single base a small village.

I hope this short blog will help those looking for a simple but effective answer to represent villages or towns on the wargame table.