Thursday, 12 May 2016

More Portugal in miniture

For the next build I'm going to be working on some villages for my Peninsular project They are going to represent some of the villages around the Portuguese countryside, and i will also be using them for the towns of Rolica and Vimeiro  I also want to be able to use the BUA ( built up areas ) for other game and future projects, so i will be making them in modular form so they can be put together in different combination.
Back to the build, first up i set out the main design to the bases i will put be building 4 bases each will be 1 foot by 1 foot. this will allow me to put a bit more detail on the bases and still have the room to put, one of my large bases, and if required two smaller base to represent the village being garrisoned. The main design had to be simple but also interconnecting. I will use 1 base for a small village 2 for a large village and 3 for a town.

The base with its design drawn onto the board.

The basic construction using foam board

Start of the Vimeiro church
Our example board with its basic build

Roof and some detail have been added to the wall pillars and the house.

The church starting to take shape

With the basic construction finished i apply a coat of what i call fixing paint, a mix of sand , PVA and house paint this will seal the model.

our example with its first coat of fixer paint. The courtyards fixer paint has more sand and PVA mixed into it as i wanted to give it more texture.

More detail for our example base the tiled roof and walls are added, The tiles are made from corrugated craft paper.

Windows and doors added for this i use 1mm plastic sheet cut to size, but think card will also work.

The final building is added and the base has been given another coat of paint. The church can be seen on the right.

All the tiles have been painted and a wash of ink has been applied over the tiles to give them a bit more texture. Some of the windows and doors have been painted black

The base sand is added to court yard and around the outside of the walls. Fine sand for the paths and a mix of sand and gravel for the other areas. The buildings have all been dry brushed with white paint to build up the colour of the buildings.

Flock is added at this point

Painting the windows a simple white cross pattern

Building the windows strips of card are cut to size to build the frame work of the window construction from right to left on the three top windows.

The finished model with all the windows built and the doors painted in. I have also put in some ivy on the wall to add a bit of colour.

Another shot of the build occupied by some Portuguese infantry.

I hope this has been of some interest, for those that are looking at building some terrain. The ideas, materials, and construction used are all simple, but give relatively good results. Thanks for reading till next time.