Saturday, 26 September 2015

28mm Napoleonic's for Grandeur Rules

Having been working on this project for some time, i can finely unveil the French army for my forthcoming peninsular war project.
The army is designed on the basic impetus system with between 10 to 12 bases/units with a separate command base, unlike basic and full impetus were the command/leaders are based within a unit.
The army represent a French force for 1804 to 1812, when the French armies were at there height. my intention is to put together a basic version of the Grandeur rules (nothing official ) and play a few games to See how things go. The French army.

French army 1804-1812
                                             M   VBU   I   VD   NOTES
3 veteran line infantry  (FP)     5     5/6    1    3      SK A VET
4             line infantry  (FP)     5     4/5    1    2      SK A
2                   hussars  (CL)    12    3/4    1    1      VET
1 artillery                                6      2      0    1      ART B
1 command

The army is made up of 10 bases/units plus command
1 of the veteran bases/units and up to 2 of the line units can be swapped for allied troops as can 1 of the light cavalry bases/units. these do not change the stat's for the bases/units
options for the cavalry are: 2 hussar bases/units, 2 chassaur bases/units or 1 lancer and 1 chassaur bases/units
I'm working on the British and allies lists, I'm thinking maybe an early and late Peninsular list and a 100 days campaign list.
Once i have them sorted i will start painting up some bases and start play testing the lists, things will bound to change once play testing begins.  
The Veterans 

The 4 bases of Line infantry

French hussars the 1st and 5th

artillery and command base in the back ground

The full French army 

Hope you have enjoyed this first look at the Peninsular project hopefully more to follow soon.
Till next time.  

Monday, 21 September 2015

basic basing techniques

I thought i would put together a basic basing technique tutorial for this I'm going to base my French command base for my Grandeur Napoleonic rules for my Peninsular wars project.

Starting off with the base concept. I want the command base stand out, so I'm going to use a circular base i tend to use old Cd's for 28mm command bases. 
I use air drying clay for the construction of the base, this is ideal to build up any raised areas you can attach rocks and push the bases of any miniatures you want to use into the clay, this helps with the final look of the base.

For this base I'm going to use two mounted command miniatures both by Perry miniatures also a solider helping a fallen comrade from Victrix and Warlord games, with another unfortunate another Perry, near the two commanders also I'm going to put some battle debris on the base to. 

The air dry clay and rocks glued in place, after all has dried the dry river bed base is glued in i use PVA for this and sand 

Composition all the elements are in place as a test although things tend to change a bit

Sand it applied all over at this stage, make sure not to get any in the areas you are going to put the miniatures in

The base is given two coats of brown paint i use house wall paint for this as it gives a good coverage. You can also use small sample pots from your local DIY store. Dry brush the rocks you have added at this stage as this will help with the continuity of the base.

Highlight the earth paint, i use a light grey paint added to the earth tone paint you have used to paint the base this also helps with the continuity of the base i tend to give the base two coats of highlight adding more grey 
to the second coat. At this point i usually attach any main miniatures and sand and paint in the bases. I have also added the larger sand base to the dry river bed.

Adding larger sand to the base i use PVA for this. The sands i use come from a pet shops a great source of wargaming basing material.

Adding the flock, have a good look at your base first, you don't wan to add to much flock so keep it to a minimum you can always add more later.

Adding the tufts things work better if you use two or more colours of tufts as this will helps give the base a more natural look, some of the battle debris has been added .

The final finished base with the all the elements put together 
I try to make my command bases tell a little story as it adds a bit of fun to when putting the hole thing together.

Hope you have enjoyed this basing tutorial. 
Till next time

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

something for the weekend

After a very wet start to the weekend with local floods,we managed to get to the Military Odyssey show in Kent UK a hole host of military groups from Greeks to modern day,were there, great stalls and friendly people always happy to talk about there groups.

Greek's waiting for orders at there camp site

Viking guard there fortified camp 

Spanish infantry 1690s 

Napoleonic skirmishers on the main battle field

Romans and Britons having a bit of a argument

Medieval nights 

Spanish infantry showing how to do it 

American hardware on display

German engineers hard at it 
German hardware 

a great weekend was had roll on next year.