Thursday, 15 October 2015

Septembers review a bit late

A little late but i forgot to put this in my blog, but better late than never, in this review i show my finished French for my Peninsular project  

also a few pictures of my resent work as part of the Black Powder paint off challenge I'm painting up some 6mm Great Northern War armies and starting work on my British and allies for my Peninsular project. First up are the Portuguese's regulars with very little uniform other than the white jackets and civilian clothing , I'm also making up some Portuguese's irregulars.

Swedish infantry first of many

Portuguese's regulars under way

more Swedish

Portuguese's irregulars taking shape in the back ground the white coated regulars 

a full brigade of Swedish and a lonely Russian battalion
well that's it for know, for those interested in the Black powder challenge go to  and check out the website and the fantastic painting being done by the other gents in the challenge.
till next time