Sunday, 15 March 2015

Battle report Irish v Saxons

The Irish Lord was pleased with his new Land he had fought the Roman Nobles, and know he was Lord, but with new Land comes new enemies. A Saxon army was moving in to take what the Irish warlord held. The Irish would not wait to be trapped they would meet the Saxons and crush them.
The Irish on the hunt.
The Saxons take a defensive position on the hill.

For this battle I'm going to try the Basic Impetus rules.
The Irish have
1 Noble base  FL
6 warrior's with javelins bases FL
3 skirmish bases FL
The rules give all Irish as FL light infantry.

The Saxons have
1 Noble base FP
5 warrior's base's  FP
1 skirmish base with bow S
The rules give the Saxons as FP heavy infantry.

Turn 1 Saxons win the initiative
The bow move to the foot of the hill. The Irish javelins move closer the plan is to dislodge the bow then fire on the Saxons on the hill to damage them or to force them into attacking the skirmishers.

Turn 2 Irish win the initiative
Javelins and bows fly but no damage inflicted.

Turn 3 Irish win the initiative
Again bows and javelins fly again no damage (it would appear to be very difficult to kill skirmishers with skirmishers )

Turn 4 Saxons win the initiative
Fred up with throwing things at each other the skirmishers try to hit each other. The Irish skirmishers move up on the Saxon army as dose the main Irish army.

Turn 5 the Irish win the initiative
The bow have the better of the fight but the javelins do hit the Saxons on the hill.

Turn 6 Irish win the initiative
One of the javelins is killed by the Saxon bow as the Irish warrior's close in on the Saxons.

Turn 7 Irish win the initiative
The bow and javelins fight it out in the dead ground between the two armies and another javelin base bits the dust.
The rules use VD points to keep track of who is winning the battle. Each army has a number of VD
Points on their army list, and for each base an army losses it gains VD points  once this number is reached the army is lost.

Turn 8 Saxons win the initiative
The bows having done their job move out of the way of the advancing Irish
Saxons VD 0     Irish VD 2

Turn 9 Saxons win the initiative
The fight for the hill begins
Saxons VD 0      Irish VD 2

Turn 10 Saxons win the initiative The bow charge the Irish warlord in a crazy moment, but are driven back and they fail there  cohesion test and are destroyed. The rest of the Irish make contact with the Saxons. The Saxons are hard men and are going to be hard to dislodge from their hill.
Saxons VD 1       Irish VD 2

Turn 11 Saxons win the initiative
The fighting continues all along the ridge line of the hill. The Saxons are slowly winning with their advantage of the hill and them being heavy infantry.
Saxons VD 3           Irish VD 6

Turn 12 Irish win the initiative
The fight continues but the Irish are slowly being driven back. They can't break the Saxons shieldwall.
Saxons VD 3            Irish VD 8

Turn 13 Irish win the initiative
As darkness falls in a last attempt to brake the Saxons the last javelins attack the Saxon warlord but go down fighting.
Saxons VD 5         Irish VD 9

Turn 14 Irish win the initiative
The fight on the hill is lost the Irish warrior's brake and they strim down the hill.  The Irish Lord is surrounded and killed.
A hard fought victory for the Saxons

A great game and I like the rules. The Irish had a real problem fighting the Saxons on the hill being classed as light infantry they could not brake into the Saxons.

Next time I think the Irish and Romans might join forces to rid the land of the Saxons.