Wednesday, 18 March 2015

On the work bench ECW

On the work bench some early attempts ate through ECW  types.
Looking at the Basic Impetus rules I also found a version of later period rules called Basic  Baroque, they are designed to cover the wars of the 16th and 17th century.  I have always liked the ECW period and have a box of unpainted figures I brought at a show a few years ago.
I thought I would give them a go so see what I could come up with.
First up a Covenanter's command base I made this up before I read that in the army list one of the bases includes the leader.....should have read the army list first.
Two views of the command base
I also painted a Covenanter's musketeer and a couple of dragoons
Figures are a mix of wargames foundry and renegade miniatures. That's it so far will see If there are more  Covenanter's in the box.
There is a Napoleonic version I found. Now 28mm Napoleonic's on large bases there's a dream.