Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Waterloo mini muster

I have been interested in 6mm Napoleonic's for over 10 years, and one of my favourite campaigns is the hundred days. culminating in the famous battle of Waterloo. it is a campaign that fits easily into a solo based game giving scope for small and large actions and what if 's. the battles of Quatre Brass, Ligny, Waterloo and Wavre are all large set piece battles, and I am in no doubt there were many skirmishes fought through out this campaign.
To this end I have been working on a solo campaign rule set with two solo rules to fight out the large and small actions, linked together with a simple solo campaign system. the large set piece battles I have kept as they happened. these are the framework the campaign is based on. The skirmishes and other actions occur if the scouts/patrols, vanguards or rear-guards make contact.

I thought a good place to start from would be to muster the troops, hence the title Mini Muster.
each base in the battle order pictures represents a battalion, cavalry regiment or artillery battery, and are the bases used in the larger battles. in the smaller action a battalion or cavalry regiment is represented by 3 of these bases, and each base has a number of skirmish strips it can deploy according to its type. Artillery batteries are still based a before.
More on the rules later.

First up on the Mini Muster.

The 1st Infantry Division (Guards)
Commanded by Major General George Cooke
Strength 4,266 men at Waterloo
casualties at Waterloo 1,350

2nd/ 1st Foot Guards
3rd/  1st Foot Guards
2nd   Coldstream Guards
2nd/ 3rd Foot Guards

The hole Division with command and Artillery attached.                                                                             1 foot battery
1 horse battery (KGL)

Next time i will look at one of the French divisions, and more on the rules.