Friday, 6 March 2015

War diaries part 8

Francais returns

March 21st 1798
We arrive in Bors, we're we are given garrison duties. We watch the spring come and go and summer go too. We are to be put to better use at last. We are ordered to Italy, we're we will join the army mustering around the north western coast near a the city of Nice I am told.

We leave Bors fat and board on route to Italy we pick up more recruits to fill the lines, they look like children even to the recruits that fought so bravely at the Ford.

We March into Italy. We have been told that the Russians have joined the Austrians in Italy, we are on route to link up with  General Massena with up to 35,000 men of the Armies D' Italie  the snow has closed the northern pass, there are report's that the Austrian General Melas has 50,000 Austrians to fight us. Once the pass is open we shall see.

A new year we than ready we have been training well the new recruits took like men and not the little boy's they were.

March 1800
We have moved up to the town of Finale we have been brigaded under General Suchet with 12,000 men.
Disaster the Austrians have broken the army, we are split in two.
General Massena and the rest of the army have moved up to Genoa. We are with the left wing of the army  ' we must attempt to rejoin Massena, our General Suchet, has orders to attack towards Savona .
Tomorrow we are to advance to the village of Bormida the Austrians occupy the village of Mallare further up the mountains We are to assault this will age drive the Austrians out, then move to the coast between Vadis and Savona.

19th April
We arrive at Bormida in the evening we occupy the village quickly and push sentries out to watch the Austrians on the far. We try to rest, tomorrow we attack the Austrians.
Francais can be seen in the for ground waving on the 20th as the march on to Mallare. More on the battle tomorrow