Tuesday, 24 March 2015

On the work bench Arthurian's

On the work bench post      The king is here.
I have been working on some new bases to add to my dark age armies. Both Dux Bellorum and Basic Impetus have listing for sub Romans / Arthurian's
I've started with the Basic Impetus list it has 3 CM or medium cavalry. I have borrowed 2 from the late Romans  ( hope they never meet ) and painted up a third.
The flags are the Gripping beast,s logo

The main main infantry is made up of FP or heavy infantry  (long spears) and a single base of short bow armed skirmishers.
I have gone for a more pagan look as I could imagine the army is made up of local troops probably ex legionaries.

Two more bases to go
The army so far I could replace two of the infantry  with Irish warrior's as mercenaries
know there is a Saxon army I can think of that needs taking down a peg or too.
The figures are mainly Gripping beast The flag bearer Is a converted Lord of the rings figure.
My favourite period  in 28mm with probably my favourite army.
Hope you enjoy.