Saturday, 28 March 2015

On the work bench Arthurian's

Well finally finished the last 2 bases of Arthurian heavy infantry. For my Arthurian Basic Impetus dark age armies.

The army as it stands is made up of
1 CM medium cavalry base with leader
2 CM medium cavalry bases
5 FP heavy infantry  bases (long spears )
1 S   skirmish  base (short bow B)
This is one tough army with the heavy infantry to hold any assault, and the cavalry to smash any thing that gets in the way. Not forgetting the bow armed skirmishers to help soften up the enemy.
well that's the plan.

The full army

An alternative set up with 2 bases of FP replaced by  2 bases of Irish FL light infantry to Slow an enemy advance.
well that's it hope you enjoy
I think it's time to teach some Saxons a lesson.