Monday, 9 March 2015

Waterloo mini muster part2

In the first part of the Mini Muster  we started to look at the armies involved in one of the most famous campaigns in history with a short  intro to the solo wargame. In part two we shall  have a closer look at one of the French Divisions, and a French battalion's deployment when it is used in  smaller actions.

The 1st Infantry Division
Commanded by Baron Quiot Du Passage
4,183 men at Waterloo
5th Ligne  2 battalions
55th Ligne 2 battalions
20th Ligne 2 battalions
105th Ligne 2 battalions
The full division with command and attached foot artillery battery.

losses are a little difficult to get right. The 1st Army Corps, which our Division was part of, suffered approximately 14,227 killed, wounded, or missing during and after the battle of Waterloo.
This division was deployed on the left of the 1st Corps and was involved in the assaults on La Haie Sainte. It was among the divisions that were charged by the allies heavy cavalry, and suffered heavy casualties.

The 54th Ligne when set up for the small action solo rules called Light Infantry. In these rules each battalion fields 3 of the bases used in the other rules, and for each base they can deploy 3 skirmish strips plus it has a command base.
line infantry can deploy  3 strips
light infantry can deploy  4 strips
Light cavalry 3 strips and other cavalry types 2.
All infantry battalions field 3 bases plus a command base.
in most of the actions each side fields around 2 or 3 battalions with a small cavalry support  of about 1 or or 2 bases. If the scenario permits.
Artillery is based as before but only represents a single gun.
Next time we shall have a look at one of the allies cavalry Divisions and a look at the set up of a small action using Light Infantry rules.