Saturday, 28 February 2015

On the work bench

The Saxons are here, finally finished the last 5 ordinary Saxon warrior's, again a mixture of figures from gripping beast and Magistar to give the bases an irregular look.
So know it is time to go to war.
The Saxon army
Im going to try the Saxons army v the Irish for the first try. I'm also going to have a go at using Basic Impetus rules both Dux Bellorum and Impetus use large bases so no messing with bases nice.
The army lists are a little different but I will be mustering.
The Irish
1 Nobles (the leader)
6 Fl           (warrior's javelins )
3 S             (skirmishers javelins)
The Saxons
1 Noble       ( the leader)
5 Followers (warrior's )
1 S                 ( skirmishers short bows)

this should be a interesting battle the Irish have manly light troops but are given javelins.
The Saxons are a traditional shieldwall army I have given them a base of bow armed skirmishers to help.

Close up of a Saxon base. Battle report to follow soon.