Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Late Romans part 2

Late Roman line up Mounted companions with leader with a base of Noble Riders.They are going to be the hammer the 5 bases of Noble and Ordinary  shieldwall troops are going to be the backbone of the army, absorbing what ever the enemy can throw at them. 2 bases of bow will add a bit of fire power, also keeping the enemy skirmishes of the shieldwall. Well that's the plan first up will be the Irish. Nearly completed this army too, hope to post  some more pictures of the completed army soon. Then it's of to war.
       Close up of the 3 bases of ordinary shieldwall.
                   The Late Romans  take the field
For the first few battles I'm going to have a go at just line up and fight it out  just to get a feel for the rules.  I'm not going to give either side any strategies or tactics just keep things simple
Part one of the Irish  coming soon as well as more plastics and the start of my war diaries.