Tuesday, 17 February 2015

War diaries part 4

We last heard of Francais walking back from the field hospital.
His adventure continues.
I caught up with my company and found that we had done well, but my captain would not allow me to rejoin the skirmish line. He said we had lost too many good officers and was not going to lose one so young. I was sent by the captain to find the battalions command to enquire about the battle. The fog was still heavy in the valley we were fighting in, and we had lost contact with the battalion command. There was musket fire to our West and north. The company occupied a farm complex and held the ditches and hedge line. 
I made my way back to the village of Advoch and found the GeneralD'Brigade D'Hours I informed him of our position on his map. The sun was clearing the morning fog. I could see our troops moving north of  Advoch, gaining the high ground. 
The general orders were for us to remain in our position to cover his flank,and to hold our position against any enemy wishing to turn this flank.
The sun had cleared the fog by the time I made it back to my battalion I informed the companies command of the generals orders. We arraigned ourselves into skirmish order along an extend ditch and hedge line and waited. 
At about midday we could see large numbers of enemy infantry maybe 2 fall battalions and number of squadrons of cavalry moving slowly down the road from the north of our position . We being only 1 battalion strong minus casualties,we're to few to hold so many. 
We gritted our teeth we had our orders. 
Lucky for us this must have been a mere bluff as only the grey coated light infantry traded a few shots with us as the hole host withdraw up the road they had just marched down. If they had ventured further they would have see how few we were.
Heavy rain started to fall there was to be no further action that day from us or the enemy  the ditch that had become our home became flooded, and we moved to dryer ground. Our company had lost 24 men killed and a further 20 wounded. One of the men that died that day was one of the companies corporals  I became a corporal that night. Our strength was low in numbers we had lost so many men in two days of fighting. I myself had been wounded 3 time's. Luckily the next few days were spent scouting and foraging. 
Francais  and the 20th  will return soon.