Saturday, 14 February 2015

war diaries part 1

So this is the start of my war diaries. I think an explanation might be in order. It all started when I was playing a 20mm Napoleonic battle. I was asked to right a battle report. For a change  I wrote it as if it was a diary entry by an officer on the ground, a sort of a eye witness account. After much laughter and amusement, it kind of kicked off an obsession.
So I set about and with a bit of research I picked a regiment  the 7th Regiment d'infanterie Legere and so it began. What followed was a semi historical account based on the regiments history using  fictional characters. It became known as.
The Memoirs Of The Plastic Heroes Of The 7th Rgt

The games we played were skirmish battles or part of a action within a battle. Based on the historical engagements of the 7th. The rules used were my own light infantry wargame rules we're players have command of a battalion at most. Each battalion  has company bases and individual figures to represent deployed skirmishes. The battles we played were small affairs as the idea was to  get the early  skirmishes of a battle played, not the battle it's self.  Characters on both sides were resented,and if they became casualties the good old fate dice was used 1D6 was rolled and the fate of the unfortunate was sealed. Our main character was lucky  the fate dice smiling on him on many occasions, but will his luck part 2 I will present for you the first entries of the diary of Fracais I gnawed the 7th Regiment d'infanterie Legere.
French infantry advance 20mm plastics hat mainly