Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Battle report first Dux Bellorum battle

Late Roman v Irish
The mist cleared slowly to reveal the two armies in the valley, the Irish warlord looked long and hard at the Romans standing on the hill in there shieldwall he could see the famous knights of the Roman Dux. He gave a grim smile and the  war horns told his warrior's it was time for battle. Irish war cries filled the valley, and the Romans locked their  shields a little tighter.
General view of the battlefield

Romans battle plan deal with the Irish riders then swing round on the flanks with the riders and noble shieldwall ordinary shieldwall and bow are to hold the hill.

Irish battle plan Hold off the riders use the warrior's to attack the hill use the javelins to soften up the noble shieldwall and hit them with the noble warrior's then move in for the kill.

I'm not going to give a blow by blow account of the battle but give you the highlights. The Irish were the clear aggressors and advanced all along their battle line
The Irish move in on the Romans
In the for ground through riders are about to clash Roman Noble riders and mounted companions charge forward to meet the enemy, the Irish riders showing no fear charge to meet them.
In the back ground Roman bowman try too slow the Irish advance.
Roman Noble shieldwall after having javelins thrown at them smash the skirmishers and in turn are charged by the noble warrior's I fight to the death.
On the other side of the battle the Roman Noble riders slowly overwhelm the Irish.   very slowly.
The Irish ordinary riders put up an amazing fight
The fight for the hill is brutal the ordinary warrior's are hard men but they have the -2 on there combat role to contend with.
With the Irish riders finally broken the noble riders attacked the Irish warrior's on the hill this was just after the noble shieldwall finally buckled under the weight of the noble warrior's who know attacked the flank and rear of the ordinary shieldwall. Shortly after the Roman shieldwall broke. The Irish were masters of the hill.
It had been a hard fought battle. The Irish ordinary riders lasted longer than I thought they would. This gave the Irish warlord time to concentrate his warrior's on the hill and the Romans flank. Both Roman shieldwalls took one he'll of a beating before it finally broke. A hard fought victory for the Irish warlord.