Tuesday, 17 February 2015

On the work bench

New Austrian infantry base on the work bench.
I like to start off with a basic idea  as to what the finished, base is going to love like.
I also like to have each base tell a little story. This one is going to show the unit in front of the base the moment when the officer is handing over the regiments flag to an ADC so they can be carried  from the field, as the regiments makes a last stand.
Figures are mainly from Italera from there Austrian infantry 1798-1805
The officer to the left has had his head removed as I want him to be looking at the ADC as he hands him the flag. There are casualties and a broken cannon, also a gunner removing a barrel of gunpowder. This figure is from Strelet's-r if your into 1/72 scale dioramas they do some amazing little sets of figures well worth a look.
Next comes the composition of the base hopefully what it will look like when complete but generally things change a bit. 
As you can see the main elements of the base are in place. The base has a second unit in the rear, as the base will be used in my Age of war wargame rules we're each base represents a brigade. Just the painting to go. I will cover some basic painting techniques in a later blog. 
Below are some examples of brigade bases.
I  like to use plastic figures as they are easy to paint and have good detail, not to mention cheap these days the choice of figures are huge. One old problem still remains if you use them for wargames the paint will flake off of bayonets and other thin part. So I came up with the idea of putting them on larger bases so you don't touch them when moving then around the table, and designed a set of rules around that. Hope so return with a basic painting,  on the work bench blog, and other projects from the work bench.