Friday, 20 February 2015

war diaries part 6

More from Francais and the 20th

1st  February 1798
We arrive at Bruan' foot sore but we are still up to strength in our battalion only having lost 2 men. The men are drilled but still raw, we will see how well they fight soon.
I am almost 25 years old, and one of only a few men in my company that has any combat experience. We have few experienced men in the hole battalion other than our carabiner company who are our best men all veterans.

8th February 1798
My 25th birthday  we drank much in the camp that night.

13th February 1798
We March on frozen roads, many  men have fallen we have had 3 men die of cold and we have passed many casualties on the road side. The men are tired, cold, and hungry. Were are the enemy if only we could find them then our spirits would lift I'm sure. We have reports from our scouting parties that the enemy are close, it is just that when we appear  they disappear.

15th February 1798
At last we have found them, our efforts are doubled in pursuit of the enemy, at last the weather is improving, soon there will be a battle.
Enemies of the Republic advance on our hero