Thursday, 26 February 2015

On the work bench

Saxons for Dux Bellorum
So far I have painted up
 1 foot companions with leader
2 Noble warrior's
2 foot skirmishers  with bow.
The bases are a real mix of makes. Gripping beast mainly but with a few Essex and Magistar.
I have 5 more ordinary warrior's bases to go.
The saxon leader base is made up of later saxons large shields, yep I know the early saxons had small shields but I want to use these bases for the middle and late period armies to. So not historically correct but they have that battle harden look, which is what I like in my dark age armies, no shiny helms in my army. More of a rust and guts man.

The 2 Noble warrior's bases follow the same ideas also they carry the black raven banners a saxon favourite. My army has no riders at the moment but I might add some to give it some flexibility maybe replacing the leader and noble warrior's with there riders equivalent.
Hopefully more saxons to follow, then it's time for a battle.
Now Irish or Late Romans.