Saturday, 21 February 2015

On the work bench

On the work bench: 10 mm LOA from Pendraken. These are great figures to paint although 10 mm in scale they have beautiful detail, that is easy to pick out with the brush even in this scale.
I like to start with the under coat that is also the base coat that covers the majority of the figures. In this case it's the coat colour. I'm painting one of the Huguenot regiments Colonel Cambon's part of the Williamite army in Ireland 1690s.
All the Huguenot regiments wore a light grey coat so this is the start point.
Next is the face and hands, not a lot of flesh on show in this period large coats&cuffs topped off with wide brimmed hat covers the figure up so just a little flesh to paint.
The best bit of advice I got from the Pendraken forum about painting 10 mm figures was to keep things simple, and to paint them like a production line. Although I'm only painting one for an example.
Next up socks, white for these figures cuffs and britches purple. Belts and pouches light sand colour. Brown for the muskets and black for the hat and equipment. A bit of silver for the musket and other equipment. No pike men in the Huguenot regiments, as they were all musket armed.
Hats were black the tricky bit is to paint the white edge l find if you use the flat of the brush not the point the result is neater.
So know you have a basic paint job. Next is the trick before you go for it, try it out on one of the figures also paint the figure a lighter colour than you would normally as you are going to ink wash them all over.
I use Winsor & Newton nut brown ink diluted half and half with water.
With a soft brush slap it on and leave to dry
The result is quite cool as the ink sits in the deeper details the figure comes to life. Once dry give them a coat of Matt varnish and done.
Some other examples Cambon's command and some Dutch blue guard infantry.