Sunday, 29 March 2015

On the work bench 28mm Napoleonic's for Grandeur

I while back I was looking at the different types of add on rules for Basic Impetus, and came across a set for Napoleonic's called Grandeur. They also come with a good set of army lists. A few weeks ago a nice box of Victrix 28mm plastic French arrived, nice figures clean crisp detail, with lots of arms, head and body parts to custom build your battalions who could resist.
Pictures below are a work in progress of a line infantry base. I have gone for the dry ground look on the base as I want to use the bases as a command base for a Peninsular war project.
Hopefully will finish the base with a flag and the last bits of the base a bit more brown grass.
Just a few more bases needed know.
Hope you enjoyed

Saturday, 28 March 2015

On the work bench Arthurian's

Well finally finished the last 2 bases of Arthurian heavy infantry. For my Arthurian Basic Impetus dark age armies.

The army as it stands is made up of
1 CM medium cavalry base with leader
2 CM medium cavalry bases
5 FP heavy infantry  bases (long spears )
1 S   skirmish  base (short bow B)
This is one tough army with the heavy infantry to hold any assault, and the cavalry to smash any thing that gets in the way. Not forgetting the bow armed skirmishers to help soften up the enemy.
well that's the plan.

The full army

An alternative set up with 2 bases of FP replaced by  2 bases of Irish FL light infantry to Slow an enemy advance.
well that's it hope you enjoy
I think it's time to teach some Saxons a lesson.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

On the work bench Arthurian's

On the work bench post      The king is here.
I have been working on some new bases to add to my dark age armies. Both Dux Bellorum and Basic Impetus have listing for sub Romans / Arthurian's
I've started with the Basic Impetus list it has 3 CM or medium cavalry. I have borrowed 2 from the late Romans  ( hope they never meet ) and painted up a third.
The flags are the Gripping beast,s logo

The main main infantry is made up of FP or heavy infantry  (long spears) and a single base of short bow armed skirmishers.
I have gone for a more pagan look as I could imagine the army is made up of local troops probably ex legionaries.

Two more bases to go
The army so far I could replace two of the infantry  with Irish warrior's as mercenaries
know there is a Saxon army I can think of that needs taking down a peg or too.
The figures are mainly Gripping beast The flag bearer Is a converted Lord of the rings figure.
My favourite period  in 28mm with probably my favourite army.
Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Battle report 2nd Nassau surprised at Frasnes Mini muster part 4

I though I would leave the mini muster this time and concentrate on the fighting

what follows is a battle report of one of the first  fictional  skirmishes of the Waterloo solo campaign using my Light Infantry skirmish rules.

The skirmish took place when elements of the 2nd Dutch Belgian division clashed with elements of Reills corp.
The 2nd Dutch Belgian Division was withdrawing along the Charleroi  to Quatre Bras road having reseved orders to concentrate its strength at Quatre Bras.
The 2nd battalion of the 2nd Nassau Regiment was marching towards Frasnes south of Quatre Bras, when it was driven into the village by troops of the 5th lancers, taking refuge in the village, the commander of the 2nd  could see the lead elements of Count Foys 9th Division namely the 4th light infantry appearing on the Charleroi road.
Major.  P. von Normmann  of the 2nd Nassau new that the division was strung out somewhere on the roads north of Frasnes. He quickly decided, he would try to hold the French back as long as he could so the division could reach Quatre Bras unmolested.

Forces involved
2nd Nassau battalion  3 bases:  3 skirmish strips per base plus command:
classed as line infantry average
Activation        Morale        To Hit
      6                       6                 5

Command  Veteran        Activation              Morale
                                                    8                          8

The 2nd Nassau battalion In Frasnes

4th light Regiment 3 bases:     4 skirmish strips per base plus command:
classed as light infantry veteran
Activation              Morale             To Hit
        7                           7                     6

Command Veteran        Activation             Morale
                                                 8                           8

5th Lancers regiment 1 base:  2 skirmish strips per base no command:
classed as light cavalry veteran
Activation               Morale             To Hit
       7                             7                      6

 The 4th light infantry battalion advances down the main Quatre Bras road to the left by the barn you can see the 5th lancers falling back after chasing the Nassau 's into Frasnes.

the scenario begins with he 2nd Nassau defending the village of Frasnes. The 4th light infantry are advancing down the road leading to Frasnes in column of march, with the 5th lancers returning from the earlier encounter at Frasnes.
The Nassau intend to hold the village for as long as possible. The French intend to clear the village of enemy so the advance can reach the cross roads at Quatre Bras.
For each turn the Nassau can hold the village the allies March one mile towards Quatre Bras. They must hold for 14 turns. If the French drive them out of the village before the end of the 14th turn the allies will be caught before reaching the cross roads, the 2nd Dutch Belgian division will not arrive in time to hold Nay at Quatre Bras.

At the start of the game the Nassau are in the village of Frasnes they have not deploy any skirmish strips. the command base must be in the centre of the village. the 4th light infantry are deployed on the main road leading to Frasnes in column of march no closer than 120 cm to Frasnes, they too have not deployed skirmishers. the command base must start on the right of the lead unit base on the road.
the 5th lancers are deployed 40cm from the French infantry, they are withdrawing from the village and will continue to do so if the French command dose not stop them. To do this the command base must make contact with the lancers at which point they will join his command.

Major.  P. von Normmann
In an attempt to slow the advance of the French. you have given the orders to your battalion to hold the village for as long as possible. your unit bases must stay in the village at all times, your skirmish bases can move out of the village but only to the edge of the hedged farm land south of the village. they can not deploy out side of this area for fear of being caught in the open by the French lancers.

G de B de Hnault
your battalion the 1st of the 4th light is one of the vanguards of the 9th division. your orders are to clear the area of enemy from the main approach to Quatre Bras. the 5th lancers caught an enemy battalion as it withdrew, the enemy is know holding the village to the north of your position. your orders are to clear this village of enemy.

Each game turn in the battle report will show who won the initiative (INT) and a description of the events on the activation sequence. As described in the rules Light infantry all bases are activated in a strict sequence from 8 through to 1. See rules for further details  (rules can be found in part 3 of Waterloo mini musters)

TURN 1     Nassau win INT
8. Nassau command attempts to activate the unit bases on his activation. all pass and activate and deploy skirmish strips.
French command base moves to intercept the 5th lancers.
7. French unit bases advance down the road ( no skirmish strips are deployed as the units wanted to move)
6. Nassau unit bases already activated (no action can be taken )

TURN 2    Nassau win INT
8. Nassau command moves to the front of the village.
French command stops lancers ( the lancers are know in his command)
7. French unit bases deploy two move to the fields to the left of the road the other to the right of the road.
6. Nassau skirmish strips move out to the far hedge line ( this is as far as they are allowed to deploy)

TURN 3  Nassau win INT
8. Nassau command no action
    French  command moves to rejoin unit bases.
7. French unit bases move closer to Frasnes.
6. Nassau hold hedge line
    French lancers move up to the left flank of the 4th light.

Turn 4  Nassau win INT 
8. Nassau command stays put
    French command joins unit bases 1 and 2
7. French deploy skirmish bases 
6. Nassau fire from hedge line at long range no hits.
Turn 5  French win INT 
8. French command stays with unit bases.
     Nassau moves to the front of the village 
7. French skirmish bases move forwards 
6. Nassau skirmish bases open fire at long range 1 hit (French skirmish base rolls a 3 on hit out come and will not move next turn.
Turn 6  French win INT
8. French command no action 
     Nassau command no action 
7. French skirmish bases fire at Nassau at long range 2 hits ( roll of 3 and 4 both one is driven back from the hedge line)
6. Nassau fire back 1 hit (French roll a 9 no effect )
5. 2 Nassau fire back no hits ( now two of the Nassau skirmish bases are down to a 5 activation )

TURN  7 Nassau win INT 
8. Nassau command no action 
    French command no action 
7. French unit bases move forwards 
    French lancers move up to the left of the village 
    French skirmish bases fire on the Nassau 4 hits 
(Nassau roll 1 6 and  8 8 three bases are driven back )
6. Nassau skirmish bases fire back 1 hit
(French roll a 5 one base is forced back)
     2 French skirmish bases down to 6 activation fire no hits.
5. Nassau skirmish bases fire 1 hit 
(French roll a 5 1 base is driven back )
TURN 8 French win INT 
8. French command moves up
    Nassau command no action 
7. French unit bases move up
     French skirmish bases fire 3 hits 
(2 Nassau are driven back ) 
      French skirmish bases charge the hedge line.
(All pass there morale test and they charge home )
6. French skirmish bases charge and pass their morale and charge home
    Nassau teat their morale 3 bases brake before contact 2 are cut down 
     Nassau fight back no hits 

Turn 9  French win INT 
8. French command move up
    Nassau command no action
7. French unit bases move up
    lancers move up to the left of the village
    French skirmish bases fighting all along the hedge line 6 hits
    ( 4 Nassau bases are pushed back from the hedge line the French follow up
6. other French fight no hits
    Nassau skirmishers fight back 3 hits
    ( 2 French bases are pushed back
5. other Nassau bases fight back 1 hit ( no effect)
4. other Nassau skirmishers fight no hits

Turn 10  Nassau win INT
8. Nassau command moves to the hedge line
    French command move up
7. French skirmish bases move up into the last of the hedge line being held by the Nassau 5 hits
( all Nassau bases are thrown back to the village other than the ones holding the western hedge line.
6. Nassau fighting the last desperate holding action on the western side of the hedges.
( 1 French skirmish base is thrown back)
    French fight on the hedge line no hits

TURN 11 French win INT
8. French command moves up
    Nassau command moves back to the village
7. French unit bases move up ready to assault the village
    French skirmish bases move to the flanks
6. French skirmish bases fire on the Nassau's in the village 1 hit ( no effect)
    Last of the Nassau skirmish bases make a run for the village
5. Last of the Nassau skirmish bases dash for the village

TURN 12  Nassau win INT
8. Nassau command move to the centre of the village
    French command moves to the rear of the unit bases
7. French unit bases charge the village ( all pass their morale test and charge home)
6. Lancers charge the village ( lancers fail their morale test and halt)
    Nassau unit bases test their morale ( all pass and hold the village) fighting all along the edge of the village 3 hits on the Nassau 1 unit base is thrown back
5. no action

TURN 13 Nassau win INT
8. Nassau command hold
    French command no action
7. French unit bases advance ( 1 unit base is in the village ) 2 hits both no effect
6. Nassau unit bases fight back no hits
    French lancers pass their morale test and charge home no hits
5. no action

TURN 14  Nassau win INT
8. Nassau command has to role a morale test to hold village as 2 enemy unit bases are in the village test is passed they fight on.
7. French unit bases fight on 2 hits ( roll of 3 one Nassau unit base is close to running.
6 one Nassau unit base fights no hits
5. two unit bases fight on 1 hit ( one French unit base is thrown back) 

TURN 15  
Nassau command rolls for morale to see if the unit bases hold together as they withdraw or brake and are destroyed.
Nassau pass the test and mount a fighting retreat.

Well that's it the Nassau held out JUST I thought it only fare to allow the command base to roll a morale test to hold the remnants of the battalion together, so they could withdraw fighting, and luckily (or justifiably ) they passed.

the French fought a hard battle exposed to enemy fire all the way, then having to fight through to the village over hedges and enclosures.

Man of the match has to go to the Nassau skirmishers holding the western end of the hedge line, surrounded by enemy they held to the last. Bravo.
hope you enjoyed
Till next time

Saturday, 21 March 2015

On the work bench more Gallic warrior's

I have managed to find more Gallic types in the bit box. So I have painted them and based them for Basic Impetus the army lists on this Web page has an amazing amount of combatants to chose from, and having tried the rules out, which are a good set giving  a good compact game with plenty of enjoyment.

4 bases of Gallic warrior's ready to confuse and confound the Romans. All Renegade miniatures.
It's good to see they are back and open for business.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

On the work bench ECW

On the work bench some early attempts ate through ECW  types.
Looking at the Basic Impetus rules I also found a version of later period rules called Basic  Baroque, they are designed to cover the wars of the 16th and 17th century.  I have always liked the ECW period and have a box of unpainted figures I brought at a show a few years ago.
I thought I would give them a go so see what I could come up with.
First up a Covenanter's command base I made this up before I read that in the army list one of the bases includes the leader.....should have read the army list first.
Two views of the command base
I also painted a Covenanter's musketeer and a couple of dragoons
Figures are a mix of wargames foundry and renegade miniatures. That's it so far will see If there are more  Covenanter's in the box.
There is a Napoleonic version I found. Now 28mm Napoleonic's on large bases there's a dream.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Battle report Irish v Saxons

The Irish Lord was pleased with his new Land he had fought the Roman Nobles, and know he was Lord, but with new Land comes new enemies. A Saxon army was moving in to take what the Irish warlord held. The Irish would not wait to be trapped they would meet the Saxons and crush them.
The Irish on the hunt.
The Saxons take a defensive position on the hill.

For this battle I'm going to try the Basic Impetus rules.
The Irish have
1 Noble base  FL
6 warrior's with javelins bases FL
3 skirmish bases FL
The rules give all Irish as FL light infantry.

The Saxons have
1 Noble base FP
5 warrior's base's  FP
1 skirmish base with bow S
The rules give the Saxons as FP heavy infantry.

Turn 1 Saxons win the initiative
The bow move to the foot of the hill. The Irish javelins move closer the plan is to dislodge the bow then fire on the Saxons on the hill to damage them or to force them into attacking the skirmishers.

Turn 2 Irish win the initiative
Javelins and bows fly but no damage inflicted.

Turn 3 Irish win the initiative
Again bows and javelins fly again no damage (it would appear to be very difficult to kill skirmishers with skirmishers )

Turn 4 Saxons win the initiative
Fred up with throwing things at each other the skirmishers try to hit each other. The Irish skirmishers move up on the Saxon army as dose the main Irish army.

Turn 5 the Irish win the initiative
The bow have the better of the fight but the javelins do hit the Saxons on the hill.

Turn 6 Irish win the initiative
One of the javelins is killed by the Saxon bow as the Irish warrior's close in on the Saxons.

Turn 7 Irish win the initiative
The bow and javelins fight it out in the dead ground between the two armies and another javelin base bits the dust.
The rules use VD points to keep track of who is winning the battle. Each army has a number of VD
Points on their army list, and for each base an army losses it gains VD points  once this number is reached the army is lost.

Turn 8 Saxons win the initiative
The bows having done their job move out of the way of the advancing Irish
Saxons VD 0     Irish VD 2

Turn 9 Saxons win the initiative
The fight for the hill begins
Saxons VD 0      Irish VD 2

Turn 10 Saxons win the initiative The bow charge the Irish warlord in a crazy moment, but are driven back and they fail there  cohesion test and are destroyed. The rest of the Irish make contact with the Saxons. The Saxons are hard men and are going to be hard to dislodge from their hill.
Saxons VD 1       Irish VD 2

Turn 11 Saxons win the initiative
The fighting continues all along the ridge line of the hill. The Saxons are slowly winning with their advantage of the hill and them being heavy infantry.
Saxons VD 3           Irish VD 6

Turn 12 Irish win the initiative
The fight continues but the Irish are slowly being driven back. They can't break the Saxons shieldwall.
Saxons VD 3            Irish VD 8

Turn 13 Irish win the initiative
As darkness falls in a last attempt to brake the Saxons the last javelins attack the Saxon warlord but go down fighting.
Saxons VD 5         Irish VD 9

Turn 14 Irish win the initiative
The fight on the hill is lost the Irish warrior's brake and they strim down the hill.  The Irish Lord is surrounded and killed.
A hard fought victory for the Saxons

A great game and I like the rules. The Irish had a real problem fighting the Saxons on the hill being classed as light infantry they could not brake into the Saxons.

Next time I think the Irish and Romans might join forces to rid the land of the Saxons.